We are the 1990 Akoras of Achimota School.

Akora is the name of an alumnus of Achimota School and the word has its origins in the Twi language of Ghana, translating approximately to “a dignified, usually wise and elderly person”. Dignity, Leadership and Respect are at the core of being an Akora. Our group consists of Achimota School alumni who entered Form One in 1985, took the GCE Ordinary Level exam in 1990 or entered sixth form in 1990 and took the GCE Advanced Level exam in 1992.

The purpose of coming together as a group a quarter of a century after leaving Achimota School is to reconnect, rekindle old friendships and have fun. It is also a platform for us to network, develop a support system for each other and serve as a base to coordinate and launch various charitable activities as part of our desire to make a positive contribution to society and to fulfil our lifelong role as living waters to a thirsty land.

Members of our year group are scattered all over the world, but, for convenience, our efforts at coordination are concentrated in three branches: Ghana, UK/Europe and US/Canada. Most members belong to one of the three branches based on location and these branches coordinate all our major events, activities and fund-raising. This website serves as a central coordination point to keep all members informed and it is complemented by various social media platforms that keep us connected.

If you are one of us and not connected, please get in touch.

Other Akoras and visitors who share our passions are welcome to support our projects and activities.